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Personal Journey

Yesterday, I attended the LVF.  It was a whole day Rheims Experience.  As we go on with the activities, there are realizations how can I live myself as a Lasallian.  One reflection that strucked me was something like what is meant to be God’s calling.  For me I think it is about doing things that fulfill myself.   Feeling good with the work I do is a great offering to God.
Teaching minds, touching hearts, transforming lives.  As I am just a beginner and lowest level of my faith, something Dr. Paquita mentioned retains in me.  It is teaching A mind, touching A heart, transforming A life.  I am very idealist into wanting everyone to strive and do what it takes to attend school.  I can be considered as an education fanatic.  But I must remember that it must always be Christ-centered.  I do not need to rush everyone.  I can do this one by one, little by little.  I can start from the inside, with the people close to me.  Pero bago yun, sa sarili ko muna.  I have to let go every burden that I have inside me.  And praying to God helps.  Conversing with Him gives me enlightenment.  Medyo slow lang talaga ako sa spiritual growth ko although I was brought up as a straight Catholic ever since.
Naiwan ko yung notebook ko sa Ariston.  Thank God nandoon pa rin sa seminar room.  In-assist naman ako ng mga tao sa LSPO, security, maintenance.  Yung notebook na yun is very important to me.  It is my spiritual journal.  Actually, second volume ko na yun.  Nakasulat dun ang mga spiritual reflections ko during retreats and anytime.
My reflection for today’s Gospel is turning back to God.  Turning back to God increases my faith.  And my growth in faith should not only be contained in me.  I must share it to others.  I pray to God that I will become a person that can reach out to others and share to them my faith in God.  I know that going to that path would be very challenging.  I cannot see what lies ahead but I must remember that God is with me always.
My reflection song…

O Hesus, hilumin Mo
Aking sugatang puso
Nang aking mahango
Kapwa kong kasimbigo

Hapis at pait Iyong patamisin
At hagkan ang sakit
Nang magningas ang rikit (KORO)

Aking sugatang diwa’t katawan
Ay gawing daan
Ng ‘Yong kaligtasan (KORO)

Happy Fiesta 2013!

Viva La Virgen!  It is the Pearl celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Pacita.  There is always the “of Pacita” at the end.  The “standard” feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary is on the 7th of October.  But since it is Our Lady of Pacita, it falls during the 3rd Sunday of October.  This year, it is my Birthday.  29 years ago, I was born on the eve of the First year of Our Lady.  I am one year younger than our Parish as well as our grotto.  If my birthday falls on a weekday, it is already after fiesta.  If it is on a weekend, it is either the eve or the feast day itself.


During my birthday, I always made sure that I turned off all the online reminders for my social networking friends about my birthday.  I am experimenting who among my friends really do remember my birthday.  I used to memorize all my friends/classmates birthday.  😀  I found out that there were not so many who remembered my birthday without the birthday alarm from FB and other social networks.  Hahaha! [emoji panda face]   [emoji birthday cake] I do not really want to make a big deal out of it.  I always forget about my birthday even on the day itself!


I am really grateful to God that I was able to celebrate another year.  Thankful for my parents who spared budget for the occasion.  I attended the 2nd AM mass.  But I went back after the last mass to see the fireworks.  I also lighted 3 candles.

 photo DSCN0921_zps25881b2c.jpg

I do have my personal wishes…


Faith, Education, Love-lifeftime partner, and other more… 😀

Happy Fiesta and Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!