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It is definitely not PCSO.  If there is PTSD, I am currently experiencing PCSD.  PCSD stands for Post Compre Stress Disorder.  I had my Written Comprehensive Examination last February 15, 22, and March 1.  During the first week of my examination, I even forgot that it was Valentine’s season.  During the 3-week exam period, I heard that some of my friends got sick.  I am grateful to God that I was really well during that 3-week period.  I did got sick prior to that date.  I had flu, sore-eyes, sore-throat, and many other more.

I do not know if there is such term as “PCSD.”  Anyway, that is my assessment to what I am having these past few days.  The day after the last day of my examination, I was asleep the whole day.  Then, there was this terrible head ache which lasts for more than 2 hours even after taking a very strong med.  Then I am having a runny nose which felt like an entry point of a flu.  I may have finished my comps but I still have lots of things to do.  There are so many readings that I need to finish, both books and journal.  Now I am feeling a bit dizzy and my eyes are getting warmer.  I just hope this would not be a fever.

How is my exam?  I cannot really answer that question.  I do have answers on all the questions.  I pray that the checkers would give me high scores.  High scores that are enough for me to pass all the subjects and move on to thesis writing.

Love so Divine

I came across this movie but I won’t give any synopsis.  I just remembered an incident that happened when I was doing my 8-day silent retreat.  Seminarians, even if they are already theologians, are just kids.  Many of them still don’t know the sense of responsibility.  One theologian forgot that he was supposed to be one of the acolytes/server.  I was at my usual seat at the back of the main chapel.  I overheard one theologian told another, “Ikaw ang server 2 ngayon.”  I didn’t see who was he talking to but I already had a hint who that was.  I had 2 persons in mind but the one that I thought of first was correct.  Hahaha!!! I observe people, how they leave their prayer books and Bibles inside the chapel, etc…  😀  Bukod sa pag-dadasal, hindi maiwasan mag-judge.  Nasa retreat, nagkakasala pa rin.

You seem to be an angel…


It happens like this. One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else – closer to them than your closest family. Perhaps because this person carries an angel within them – one sent to you for some higher purpose, to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during perilous time. What you must do is to trust in them – even if they come hand in hand with pain or suffering – the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.

Though here is a word of warning – you may grow to love this person  but remember they are not yours to keep. Their purpose isn’t to save you but to show you how to save yourself. And once this is fulfilled, the halo lifts and the angel leaves their body as the person exits your life. They will be a stranger to you once more.

– Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav –


I think you are an angel.  I met you.  You met me.  No small talk happened between us.  Yet you taught me something.  You taught me to keep moving forward even little by little until I get there.  The path would not be very easy and at times I will be scared.  Although I cannot totally remove my fear, I still have my faith in God that keeps me going.


How were you able to touch my life?  Maybe that simple exchanges of “Peace be with you” did that job.  I will tell you more about that journey when we meet again.




for you – prgdxnsj

First ever lumpia

I don’t really cooked but I am really stressed.  Since that is the case, I bought (which my Mom paid :D) 2 packs of Mexican chili, lots of cheese and lumpia wrapper.  I was lazy capture all the necessary steps but what I did was as follows:

1.  Washed the chili.  Cut the mid part to remove the seeds.  I suggest that you wear gloves while doing this.  I was bare handed and my hands were minty for 3 days.  It was a soothing feeling though.

2.  Wash the chili with boiling water.  I read something that it will lessen the spiciness.

3.  Cut the cheese into strips.  Insert 1 strip in every chili.

4.  Wrap each chili with lumpia wrapper.  There was also information from the internet that it is better to use molo wrapper.  I haven’t tried though.

5.  Deep fry the lumpia until light golden brown.

Aside from cheese, you can add beef, tuna or whatever fillings you like.  I am just a cheesy person that’s why I like cheese.  Also, I am lazy to add meat.

This is my first ever lumpia.  I don’t know when will be the next.  I am not a kitchen person but I love to eat.

That is for my cheesy dynamite. 😀

Ampon at Media

Madalas na drama na pinapalabas sa TV merong isang ampon, tapos minamaltrato siya.  Ang ampong ito ay matalino, masipag mag-aral, may kusa… In short, hindi pabigat at hindi sakit sa ulo.  Tapos ang mga tunay na anak ang mga bulakbol, laki sa layaw, at iba pa.  Yan ang napapanood sa TV.  Sa tunay na buhay, marami sa mga ampon (kung hindi naman lahat) ay matigas ang ulo, batugan, tamad mag-aral, sakit sa ulot, magnanakaw, at marami pang iba.  Kung sino pa yung ampon, yun pa ang nagbibigay ng pasakit sa pamilya.  May mga pa-ilan-ilan akong kakilala na ganito nga ang nararanasan nila.  Wala silang problema sa tunay nilang pamilya.  Bakit nga ba ganito ang pino-portray ng media para sa mga kawawang ampon?  Bakit hindi ganito ang ginagawa ng mga ampon sa tunay na buhay?

Suriin natin ulit.  Madalas ang kwentong ampon sa mga drama ay yung pagpapalit-palit ng mga anak, mga pamigay na anak, at iba pang similar na pangyayari.  Tapos yung inaakalang ampon, yun pala ang tunay na anak at ang inaakalang tunay na anak ay ang ampon.  Kung babalikan natin ang mga pag-uugali nila, ang mabait ay ang talagang tunay na anak at ang hindi masyadong mabait ang talagang hindi tunay na anak.  Bumabalik yung katotohanan na majority, mas mabait ang mga tunay na anak.  :D1616

Choice of Words

The commentator earlier added, “Ipagdasal po natin ang kasalukuyang nasasalanta ng bagyo.”  I think he meant well in saying it but I figured there is a better way in saying it.  Mahilig lang talaga akong mag-isip.  Pwedeng sabihin, “Iligtas po tayo mula kay Yolanda…”  or something like that.  I prefer that us being safe must be prayed.  Kasi kung ako lang, maraming meaning ang pwede sa “Ipagdasal po natin ang kasalukuyang nasasalanta ng bagyo.”  Pag-iisip lang naman ito ng isang katulad ko.  #Lordpleaseprotectusalways

Personal Journey

Yesterday, I attended the LVF.  It was a whole day Rheims Experience.  As we go on with the activities, there are realizations how can I live myself as a Lasallian.  One reflection that strucked me was something like what is meant to be God’s calling.  For me I think it is about doing things that fulfill myself.   Feeling good with the work I do is a great offering to God.
Teaching minds, touching hearts, transforming lives.  As I am just a beginner and lowest level of my faith, something Dr. Paquita mentioned retains in me.  It is teaching A mind, touching A heart, transforming A life.  I am very idealist into wanting everyone to strive and do what it takes to attend school.  I can be considered as an education fanatic.  But I must remember that it must always be Christ-centered.  I do not need to rush everyone.  I can do this one by one, little by little.  I can start from the inside, with the people close to me.  Pero bago yun, sa sarili ko muna.  I have to let go every burden that I have inside me.  And praying to God helps.  Conversing with Him gives me enlightenment.  Medyo slow lang talaga ako sa spiritual growth ko although I was brought up as a straight Catholic ever since.
Naiwan ko yung notebook ko sa Ariston.  Thank God nandoon pa rin sa seminar room.  In-assist naman ako ng mga tao sa LSPO, security, maintenance.  Yung notebook na yun is very important to me.  It is my spiritual journal.  Actually, second volume ko na yun.  Nakasulat dun ang mga spiritual reflections ko during retreats and anytime.
My reflection for today’s Gospel is turning back to God.  Turning back to God increases my faith.  And my growth in faith should not only be contained in me.  I must share it to others.  I pray to God that I will become a person that can reach out to others and share to them my faith in God.  I know that going to that path would be very challenging.  I cannot see what lies ahead but I must remember that God is with me always.
My reflection song…

O Hesus, hilumin Mo
Aking sugatang puso
Nang aking mahango
Kapwa kong kasimbigo

Hapis at pait Iyong patamisin
At hagkan ang sakit
Nang magningas ang rikit (KORO)

Aking sugatang diwa’t katawan
Ay gawing daan
Ng ‘Yong kaligtasan (KORO)

Happy Fiesta 2013!

Viva La Virgen!  It is the Pearl celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Pacita.  There is always the “of Pacita” at the end.  The “standard” feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary is on the 7th of October.  But since it is Our Lady of Pacita, it falls during the 3rd Sunday of October.  This year, it is my Birthday.  29 years ago, I was born on the eve of the First year of Our Lady.  I am one year younger than our Parish as well as our grotto.  If my birthday falls on a weekday, it is already after fiesta.  If it is on a weekend, it is either the eve or the feast day itself.


During my birthday, I always made sure that I turned off all the online reminders for my social networking friends about my birthday.  I am experimenting who among my friends really do remember my birthday.  I used to memorize all my friends/classmates birthday.  😀  I found out that there were not so many who remembered my birthday without the birthday alarm from FB and other social networks.  Hahaha! [emoji panda face]   [emoji birthday cake] I do not really want to make a big deal out of it.  I always forget about my birthday even on the day itself!


I am really grateful to God that I was able to celebrate another year.  Thankful for my parents who spared budget for the occasion.  I attended the 2nd AM mass.  But I went back after the last mass to see the fireworks.  I also lighted 3 candles.

 photo DSCN0921_zps25881b2c.jpg

I do have my personal wishes…


Faith, Education, Love-lifeftime partner, and other more… 😀

Happy Fiesta and Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!

Part of that World

I spent 4 hours every day to travel from my home to the slope of the mountain.  I am almost finished with my tasks and it is my first time to have a regular daily activity with that amount of travel time.  I commute by the way everyday.  And I am not used to that ever since.   As I commute my way everyday, I saw different kinds of people, different kinds of students, and different kinds of employees.  I was quite fascinated how I noticed these things only now.  Again, I am not used to commuting that looooooooong.  I am not rich.  I do not have my own transportation.  It is just that I am used to a dorm.  I live near the school and recently near my workplace (which is also near my school).  That’s what I am used to.  A walking distance destination or a public vehicle ride of maximum of 45 minutes when traffic is really terrible.  In summary, I walk my way to places.  I do ride the train – distance of 1 station.  I love to walk around that is why I live near my work area.


Before entering college, I ride a school service to go to school.  I was sheltered.     Alabang malls are the only malls I can go to alone.  The reason is because there is a direct public ride to those malls from my home and vice versa.  Even riding a tricycle scares me during those times.  I do not even know how to call a tricycle to get a ride.  I could not even ride a jeep alone.  But now, there are kids who are still in grade school who commute everyday.  I also noticed that there are a lot of government schools in the vicinity.  I am not really aware about it since I live in the area where there is only one government school which I am also unfamiliar.  Nobody in my neighborhood went there.  I was thinking that if only my brother would realize how fortunate we are.  Going back to my naiveness.  During the first few months of college, I commute from my home to the school which is in Manila.  It is a very short bus ride and that is the only commute that I knew back then.  House-School-House.  I was able to know RP and SM Manila eventually.  Then I lived close to my school.  That is what I am used to.  It really works for me.  Living near my daily activities.  Sharing the room with minimum roommate as possible.  I am used to living alone in the room anyway.


I may hate the 4-hour travel time everyday.  That is because I cannot sleep because it is a jeepney ride!  I am almost done doing that activity and it was just a short period that is why I did not live near the place.  My jeepney ride every day enables me to learn new things about life in a daily basis.  Maybe the reason why I am so exhausted coming home because I think too much.  Siesta is not really popular there and I do not have any restful recreational activities during break.  Is there one anyway?


There are ups and downs but I still feel so blessed.  These are all thanks to God Almighty.

Glad I took that call

I thank God I was able to take that call. JR is stepping up. Good for him. I guess it would be additional members for us. Well as for me, I am back here down south. I don’t know if it is the right time to really go back and have my membership transferred here. I like it there in Makati. Maybe because of freedom. I might be missing MANY of our gatherings but I am sustaining myself in some other ways. I may not be with them, but I am with them.

What do I really want to do? Aside from planting trees, flowers, and breeding Tiger Monarchs, I am more into serving God and others. The serving to others is more on the teaching part. Hehehe. Teaching about butterflies and other things related to my field. I love talking but I want to have some hush time most of the time. I describe it as really ironic. I love to talking but I prefer keeping my mouth shut when there is nothing else to do. I can live with that. Unlike my little brother who gets bored when he is not talking. My previous work made me talk for the whole day. Answer calls, do presentation, entertain colleagues, etc. I did that for more than three years and everything is in perfect timing. I have to be full-time in school so I quit work. Thus, my quiet days started. The quietness enables me to be more sensitive to those around me.

I am inserting again the talk of the heart. I uttered about having the same outfit as him if he is God’s gift. And he did. I am assuming that is God’s answer… Well, if he is, he will do something. I am patient with regards to that. I have been waiting since. Hahahaha… Baka connected kami? Hahaha… If I remembered correctly, I prayed to God that I will be able to have mental communication with him. To wear that same colored shirt. Before I sleep, I told him (through my mind) to wear that certain colored shirt. So bukas, ano kaya?