First ever lumpia

I don’t really cooked but I am really stressed.  Since that is the case, I bought (which my Mom paid :D) 2 packs of Mexican chili, lots of cheese and lumpia wrapper.  I was lazy capture all the necessary steps but what I did was as follows:

1.  Washed the chili.  Cut the mid part to remove the seeds.  I suggest that you wear gloves while doing this.  I was bare handed and my hands were minty for 3 days.  It was a soothing feeling though.

2.  Wash the chili with boiling water.  I read something that it will lessen the spiciness.

3.  Cut the cheese into strips.  Insert 1 strip in every chili.

4.  Wrap each chili with lumpia wrapper.  There was also information from the internet that it is better to use molo wrapper.  I haven’t tried though.

5.  Deep fry the lumpia until light golden brown.

Aside from cheese, you can add beef, tuna or whatever fillings you like.  I am just a cheesy person that’s why I like cheese.  Also, I am lazy to add meat.

This is my first ever lumpia.  I don’t know when will be the next.  I am not a kitchen person but I love to eat.

That is for my cheesy dynamite. 😀

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