Glad I took that call

I thank God I was able to take that call. JR is stepping up. Good for him. I guess it would be additional members for us. Well as for me, I am back here down south. I don’t know if it is the right time to really go back and have my membership transferred here. I like it there in Makati. Maybe because of freedom. I might be missing MANY of our gatherings but I am sustaining myself in some other ways. I may not be with them, but I am with them.

What do I really want to do? Aside from planting trees, flowers, and breeding Tiger Monarchs, I am more into serving God and others. The serving to others is more on the teaching part. Hehehe. Teaching about butterflies and other things related to my field. I love talking but I want to have some hush time most of the time. I describe it as really ironic. I love to talking but I prefer keeping my mouth shut when there is nothing else to do. I can live with that. Unlike my little brother who gets bored when he is not talking. My previous work made me talk for the whole day. Answer calls, do presentation, entertain colleagues, etc. I did that for more than three years and everything is in perfect timing. I have to be full-time in school so I quit work. Thus, my quiet days started. The quietness enables me to be more sensitive to those around me.

I am inserting again the talk of the heart. I uttered about having the same outfit as him if he is God’s gift. And he did. I am assuming that is God’s answer… Well, if he is, he will do something. I am patient with regards to that. I have been waiting since. Hahahaha… Baka connected kami? Hahaha… If I remembered correctly, I prayed to God that I will be able to have mental communication with him. To wear that same colored shirt. Before I sleep, I told him (through my mind) to wear that certain colored shirt. So bukas, ano kaya?

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