Love so Divine

I came across this movie but I won’t give any synopsis.  I just remembered an incident that happened when I was doing my 8-day silent retreat.  Seminarians, even if they are already theologians, are just kids.  Many of them still don’t know the sense of responsibility.  One theologian forgot that he was supposed to be one of the acolytes/server.  I was at my usual seat at the back of the main chapel.  I overheard one theologian told another, “Ikaw ang server 2 ngayon.”  I didn’t see who was he talking to but I already had a hint who that was.  I had 2 persons in mind but the one that I thought of first was correct.  Hahaha!!! I observe people, how they leave their prayer books and Bibles inside the chapel, etc…  😀  Bukod sa pag-dadasal, hindi maiwasan mag-judge.  Nasa retreat, nagkakasala pa rin.

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