Overflowing blessings

I was a bit disappointed to those cars who do not even bother to stop and look at the kitten that might be hit by the passing vehicles.  That poor little kitten is struggling to cross that expressway.  I hope someone would stop to let that kitten pass thru.  Or better yet, kind enough take it home.  I asked, “How did that kitten end up there?”  Maybe an unwanted kitten, and got thrown there.  I really prayed that that kitten survived or someone took it home.

Anyways, I feel very blessed.  It was a good thing that I meet up with Rachel this morning and really perfect timing.  She was late and coincidentally as I went to meet her at the South Conserv, I met Doc A, Wife of Doc A, and Sir Alain.  They informed me about the graduation ceremony being it the last De La Salle Canlubang Ceremony.  I was able to attend the Baccalaureate Mass.  I was able to watch the whole ceremony as an audience.  I was very fortunate that Makota’s Mom offered me the seat beside her since she does not have any companion.  I really thanked God.  Then I got emotional as Doc A gave his closing speech.  The closing of DLSC to become DLSU-STC.  That school will no longer be a separate entity from DLSU.  I love that school.  I really do.  That was my second home.  I literally live there during my stay at DLSC.  I have explored most of its allowed places.

I greet the faculty and had a picture taken with them.  I was really happy.  I began to love La Salle more and more.  Then I was able to have a quick chat with Bro. Ricky.  And I don’t know what I was thinking, I told him that I was part of that clinic incident.  Maybe, I just want him to remember me.  Hahaha…   He might not remember my name, but I guess he would remember my face.

If Rachel was early, I would have not know about the graduation ceremony.


Faith, Service, Communion in Mission

The past influences what I am today.  It may be DLSU-STC, I am still a Canlubanger Green Archer.

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