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I spent 4 hours every day to travel from my home to the slope of the mountain.  I am almost finished with my tasks and it is my first time to have a regular daily activity with that amount of travel time.  I commute by the way everyday.  And I am not used to that ever since.   As I commute my way everyday, I saw different kinds of people, different kinds of students, and different kinds of employees.  I was quite fascinated how I noticed these things only now.  Again, I am not used to commuting that looooooooong.  I am not rich.  I do not have my own transportation.  It is just that I am used to a dorm.  I live near the school and recently near my workplace (which is also near my school).  That’s what I am used to.  A walking distance destination or a public vehicle ride of maximum of 45 minutes when traffic is really terrible.  In summary, I walk my way to places.  I do ride the train – distance of 1 station.  I love to walk around that is why I live near my work area.


Before entering college, I ride a school service to go to school.  I was sheltered.     Alabang malls are the only malls I can go to alone.  The reason is because there is a direct public ride to those malls from my home and vice versa.  Even riding a tricycle scares me during those times.  I do not even know how to call a tricycle to get a ride.  I could not even ride a jeep alone.  But now, there are kids who are still in grade school who commute everyday.  I also noticed that there are a lot of government schools in the vicinity.  I am not really aware about it since I live in the area where there is only one government school which I am also unfamiliar.  Nobody in my neighborhood went there.  I was thinking that if only my brother would realize how fortunate we are.  Going back to my naiveness.  During the first few months of college, I commute from my home to the school which is in Manila.  It is a very short bus ride and that is the only commute that I knew back then.  House-School-House.  I was able to know RP and SM Manila eventually.  Then I lived close to my school.  That is what I am used to.  It really works for me.  Living near my daily activities.  Sharing the room with minimum roommate as possible.  I am used to living alone in the room anyway.


I may hate the 4-hour travel time everyday.  That is because I cannot sleep because it is a jeepney ride!  I am almost done doing that activity and it was just a short period that is why I did not live near the place.  My jeepney ride every day enables me to learn new things about life in a daily basis.  Maybe the reason why I am so exhausted coming home because I think too much.  Siesta is not really popular there and I do not have any restful recreational activities during break.  Is there one anyway?


There are ups and downs but I still feel so blessed.  These are all thanks to God Almighty.

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