It is definitely not PCSO.  If there is PTSD, I am currently experiencing PCSD.  PCSD stands for Post Compre Stress Disorder.  I had my Written Comprehensive Examination last February 15, 22, and March 1.  During the first week of my examination, I even forgot that it was Valentine’s season.  During the 3-week exam period, I heard that some of my friends got sick.  I am grateful to God that I was really well during that 3-week period.  I did got sick prior to that date.  I had flu, sore-eyes, sore-throat, and many other more.

I do not know if there is such term as “PCSD.”  Anyway, that is my assessment to what I am having these past few days.  The day after the last day of my examination, I was asleep the whole day.  Then, there was this terrible head ache which lasts for more than 2 hours even after taking a very strong med.  Then I am having a runny nose which felt like an entry point of a flu.  I may have finished my comps but I still have lots of things to do.  There are so many readings that I need to finish, both books and journal.  Now I am feeling a bit dizzy and my eyes are getting warmer.  I just hope this would not be a fever.

How is my exam?  I cannot really answer that question.  I do have answers on all the questions.  I pray that the checkers would give me high scores.  High scores that are enough for me to pass all the subjects and move on to thesis writing.

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